This is a video covering Congo Government Kidnapping.

Mr. Amodeo assisted Dr. Kashala in developing an economic recovery plan for the DRC that would not only improve the standard of living in the distressed nation but do so without plundering the DRC’s natural resources which other nations and even its own rulers had exploited for more than a century. Amodeo’s sophisticated economic plan would allow the DRC to retain the country’s vast resources but leverage these resources to support better healthcare, better education and improved infrastructure.

With Amodeo’s help, Dr. Kashala progressed from becoming an unknown candidate, in a crowd of at least 28 candidates, to being a contender in the top three. Apparently this irritated the dictator who had his Congolese military arrest and detain three of Amodeo’s employees; a former police captain, a security expert and a former Secret Service agent; who were in Kinshasa, DRC, to help with Dr. Kashala’s campaign.